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I travel around and write about it. When I'm not travelling around, I write about whatever seems meaningful to me at the time; these are usually meditations on current events, finding ways to survive the crushing existential grind of modern civilisation or vaguely philosophical musings.

The Ghost of James Thomson; writing a song in a few hours, album update and Wares the Music — The Hanging Bandits

After our show at the Farr Brew beer festival on Saturday, we had a little time free but didn’t have the hard drive that our new album is being recorded onto. We decided that we’d use the time to see … Continue reading

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Broke Christmas – A Hanging Bandits’ Christmas song — The Hanging Bandits

It’s been a long time since I checked in here, I have a new job and it takes up an  inordinate amount of time. I mean to check in and post some new material toward the end of this year … Continue reading

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The Struggle and The Stars – A stargazing adventure in the Lake District – 3 – The District

12.4.18 12:10 On the clear morning of the 11th, drunk on whisky and high, we started a walk up the Struggle. It was 2:30 am. This road, also known as the Kirkstone Pass, is the highest mountain pass in the … Continue reading

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Risks in high places – 2 – The District

10.4.18 Ambleside It seems to be a universal. The locals here have about as much interest in the fells and lakes as you do in your local heritage museum. The best tips come from people that have moved to the … Continue reading

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Arriving in Ambleside – 1 – The District

The Lake District 7.4.18 13:16 The mission statement is the same as ever; find something beautiful, have an adventure. The journey starts earlier than I’d like it to. Our train leaves Euston a bit after nine. There’s nothing much to … Continue reading

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From Home to End Complete – Adventures in the Highlands

  This was a formative roadtrip for myself and my friends. Since visiting the Highlands a year previously, the place had captured our imagination like nowhere else. I couldn’t wait to go back and get into the wilderness again. Ben … Continue reading

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Exploring Abandoned Camelot Themepark – Journey Concludes, Regular Life Resumes – The Home to End – 16

That night, my spine met a mattress for the first time in fourteen days. Maybe my back felt better but my spirit was a little deflated. Ben was asleep most of the journey and fell asleep again almost immediately on … Continue reading

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Familiar Strangers in an Abandoned Missile Testing Site – Loch Long – From Home to End – 15

  On the way out of the Highlands we decided to detour to Long Loch to visit the abandoned missile testing ground. It served us well again. As the Highland Gods demand sacrifices they also bestow gifts of experience. Loch … Continue reading

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Last day in Skye – From Home to End – 14

We were heading to the north of Skye. We wanted to make up for the previous night, when our plans had been foiled by our own lack of foresight and a near empty petrol tank. It would be our final … Continue reading

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A ruckus on the streets of Portree – From Home to End – 13

17.7.14 A note about Portree. We took to driving around that sleepy town with loud hip hop playing. We’d enter cranking California Love or Ghetto Gospel or some other absurdly gangsta rap song, then Yuri would pump the car so … Continue reading

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