11 – Lake District and the Highlands ’13


The journey home.



11:40 am

Driving today we past two castles and a huge dam that ran the length of a massive, bath tub shaped loch. More sheep. Watched small herds of deer as well. At the moment we are parked up in a valley, windows steamed so that everything outside is a frosty silhouette.

Our journey is almost over. Two, maybe three more days of travel. We aren’t far from Glasgow or the motorways to the south. We’re back where you can buy McDonald’s. Soon we will leave for Loch Long to see an abandoned torpedo testing site.

Coming home has both a sadness and an excitement. Scotland is magical, especially in the extreme north where civilisation has yet to penetrate. It will be hard accepting all this as nothing but a memory. A lot has faded already and all that remains is partially constructed by my imagination.


About Luke Smith

I travel around and write about it. When I'm not travelling around, I write about whatever seems meaningful to me at the time; these are usually meditations on current events, finding ways to survive the crushing existential grind of modern civilisation or vaguely philosophical musings.
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5 Responses to 11 – Lake District and the Highlands ’13

  1. Yo bud! Great posts man. Are you following thecampervanman ? Check him out if your not as I think you’d like his crac. He writes & tells his story in a similar highly intelligent way like you do. These posts of the lakes & highlands are great mate!

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  2. Welcome! I thought you might think his blog was alright. I’m sure he will yours aswell. Its 😎 to connect 😀

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