This is my life, and the lives of my friends, as we travel and explore and meet whatever people we meet in the British Isles. It’s a homage to escape, to improvisation, to keeping an empty diary and to never planning your route. This blog is practice. It’s documentation of the important and free parts of my life.

It’s an ode to the world, both the natural and the unnatural. It’s an attempt at turning a series of interconnected moments into genuine stories. In a world as dreary as ours, it’s a search to find and inject some colour and meaning into this absurd play before the stage falls to pieces.

You might find this interesting if you spend your work hours wishing you were elsewhere, if you still believe in mystery and think that maybe some love does remain in the world. It might have some value for you if you care about travel, if there are hidden places in Britain that you’ve fallen in love with and which have become a part of your character.

You might not find it interesting, you might find it straight whack, pretentious, poorly written, immature, I don’t know. Whatever you find it, I’d like to hear.

Here are a couple of collections of my completed journeys.

From Home to End – An Adventure in the Highlands and Skye 

The Lake District and the Highlands ’13

In The Swamp – Isle of Wight Festival 2012

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